Senin, 20 Februari 2012

welcome to Pekalongan, city of batik. if you go traveling you can visit Pekalongan in the north of java. Indonesia. there are so many thing that you can get and refresing. let me tell you. As a city pf batik, you can get many kind of clothes, dress, accesoris and many other think of creativity made from batik. you van go to PASAR BANJARSARI to get some cheap drees and clothes of batik. Another place that you can visit is MUSEUM BATIK. Here you can see so many kind batik from many place in Indonesia. just pay Rp 5000,00 you can enter this place. you can learn how to make batik by yourself. nera by museum batik there is a MASJID AGUNG, GEREJA SANTO PETRUS and KLENTENG. It shows that pekalongan is a city that have so big solidarity.
another place is a beach. we call it BOOM or SLAMARAN. here you can see a mini seeworld. take some good picture.
oh dont forget about traditional food. MEGONO and SOTO TAUCO. you must try it. so delicius.
hope you cann get a priceless moment in Pekalongan.

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